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2017 {Cache Valley Photographer}

For the year 2017 I decided that I’m going to focus on improving my lifestyle photography and take more pictures of my family with my nice camera, instead of my phone. “This will be easy!” I thought, “I live in a house (lifestyle), and I have a husband and the most adorable little boy ever (maybe I’m biased)! I’ll just put my camera out and take pictures of our little life.” Well, it’s proving to be a bit more challenging then I expected. First, it’s hard to remember to use my nice big camera, when my cheap little phone camera is so convenient. My husband hates to have his picture taken, and that adorable little boy just wants to steal my camera any time it comes out. At least my house is cooperating…. at being a house. So, most of these pictures are from 2 days of the past 2 months…. Yeah, you could probably say that I’m failing. haha! Heres to second chances!

I love capturing my every-day life — which is basically raising a 16 month old who is simultaneously right under my legs (literally) and everywhere else at the same time. He is so smart! He talks all the time and repeats everything I say in his own little babble. He is curious and loves to figure out how things work. He wants to do everything just like mom and dad. He is currently obsessed with his hat and will insist that I put it on him any time he sees it (or if he sees me putting my coat on and he knows we’re leaving)(or if he sees someone else with a hat on). He is my little buddy and I am so grateful that he is in our family.