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Hazel {Burley, ID Newborn Lifestyle Photographer}

I love Lifestyle photography because I am able to capture those real moments – the cuddles, feedings, diaper changes, soft touches and kisses…. it is such a special time that will go by so quickly.

Hazel surprised everyone by coming earlier and faster then anyone expected! She is so tiny and sweet! She slept all the time…. until I showed up to take pictures! Hazel was wide awake the entire time and I loved it! She is absolutely adorable, even when she is sad. She has the most beautiful big blue eyes that followed my camera around the whole time. Her nursery is so cute and I loved capturing the detail that was put into it! The natural light coming through the windows was amazing! Dad was at work for most of the shoot and was not planning on being in any pictures, but I was able to sneak one in at the very end. I love this sweet family so much!