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Kyler – 1 Year {Rexburg, Idaho Photographer}


I might be slightly biased, but I think this is the cutest little boy ever! I can’t believe my baby is a year old! Fair warning: this post is a little lengthy, but this has kind of become my personal blog as well and I want to remember this. You can skip to the pictures if you want  🙂


There is no pushing this boy to do anything. He will do what he wants, on his own timeframe. He refused to sit up until he was 9 months old. I promise he knew how to do it much sooner, but he just didn’t see any need for it. Likewise, Kyler has known how to walk for months now. But whenever we try to practice walking with him, he just smiles at us and sits down. He never falls. He will not be forced to walk.


At 8 months he was pushing his toy basket around the room like a pro. I even thought he might learn to walk before he decided to sit up! Definitely he would be walking by 10 months, I thought. He would walk holding one of my fingers and wouldn’t even really use it. When 10 months didn’t happen, I was sure it would be 11 months. He would stand on his own all the time. We even tricked him into taking a few steps once! But nothing.


The day I was planning to do his 1 year photo shoot, it rained like crazy! I knew if it didn’t happen that day, I might never get around to it. So when there was a break in the rain, I ran out with my mom and sister to snap a few pictures of him. He did not want to be on the wet grass, but the mean photographer mom in me was determined to get a picture. I set him down and he practically ran to my sister to pick him up. He had perfect balance, like he had been doing this his whole life! It was so funny and I wish I was filming instead of photographing.


Since then, he has gotten better at performing (he likes when we clap) and has walked across the whole living room. But he still crawls 98% of the time. Hopefully he will decide to walk by the time he turns 2  🙂


He is always on the move and mostly always happy. He loves to play monster, growl like a bear, and have dance parties. He talks all the time and is an awesome communicator. He drink from a straw, has 6 teeth, and loves to hand me things. He’s a daddy’s boy in the morning, momma’s boy at night, and has completely stollen both of our hearts. I am so grateful that he is ours forever!


Kyler – 6 months {Cache Valley Photographer}