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Searle Family {Burley, ID Family Photographer}

Who says you have to be in quarantine to take Front Porch Pictures? This is one of my favorite families and I was so excited to take their family pictures. Unfortunately, on our scheduled day for the photo shoot, there was a crazy wind storm and we decided to try for the next day instead. Again, the weather was not our best friend. There was some wild wind and on/off rain all day. That evening there was a break in the rain and the wind had calmed down enough that we decided to take our chances and see how things went. Let me tell you, they went great! In fact, it went so well that it is impossible for me to narrow down my favorites, so it looks like I will just have to overshare! We did get a little sprinkling of rain as we shot, but they were all troopers. I love this family so much and I’m so glad I got to capture this sweet time in their lives.